GS GYM Information

Play is training.

Self-training gym that parents and children can enjoy


Approach the whole body with core training

Training your core is important in any sport.
" Isn't it just arms and legs? "
" You only have to train the parts you care about "
Some people may think.

The trunk is the part of the torso that connects to the arms and head.
In other words, the "trunk of the body".

Even if you add muscles to your arms and legs with muscle training, you will not be able to balance unless your core is solid.
If you train your core, you will get the best performance in any sport.


A family-friendly gym that won't last unless it's fun.

GS GYM has an environment specializing in core training.

It is a casual and easy-to-go gym like a "park" where anyone can enjoy training their core and solving lack of exercise while playing.

We have a rate plan that parents and children and families can attend, so you can continue training that suits you.

Training content / equipment

  • Bouldering
  • Slack line
  • Running machine
  • trampoline
  • Self-core training equipment
  • Other facilities: Changing room / locker / TV monitor
  • Entrance / exit facilities: ID card system (created at the time of enrollment)

Experience that can only be done by self-training

"Think for yourself."
"I will try again and again until I am satisfied."
"I'm happy to be able to do it!"

This is an experience that can only be achieved by self-training.
It is worthwhile and a sense of accomplishment that comes from having fun.
As you train while having fun, your body and mind may change before you know it.

"Train your body while playing as much as you can as a child"
"It's fun to go to the gym, you can train like you're playing"
SWITCH is a gym where you can do such training.

Why don't you play with all your might?

System / Price plan

Admission fee
3,000 yen
Personal plan
4,000 yen
Parent-child plan
5,500 yen
Couple plan
7,000 yen
Family plan
8,000 yen
Premium plan
12,000 yen
Corporate plan
30,000 yen

・ Common to all plans: 1 hour per day / no limit

* Premium: Can be accompanied by one companion.
* Corporate members: Up to 3 people from the same corporation can accompany each day.

* Cannot be used only by elementary school members. Please be sure to bring a guardian.
* Target age is elementary school students and above. Preschoolers cannot be registered as members.
* All listed prices do not include tax.

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